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Friday, August 05, 2011

All Africans are related and know each other

People yet again I have stumbled on another perception that we need to address. Certain individuals’ have no knowledge that all Africans are NOT related and they also believe that if you are from Africa you know each other.

I wander where this perception originated because I keep thinking -- people cannot be that unaware of how stupid and unintelligent it sounds when a Congolese is asked if they know someone from Kenya just because they are both African. I guess it would be right for me to ask Mario from Italy if he knows Pablo from Spain (they are both from Europe right) or even better ask James from California if he knows John from New York after all they are both American.

This shows how uneducated some people are when it comes to Africa – or maybe they do not care to be educated about somewhere they believe is of no importance in the world discourse just a place that needs assistance and very underdeveloped – I guess it is due to all the negativity that is seen and heard every day about the continent called Africa.

I decided to switch the game -- Just as people from different countries in Europe and North America hear the same poverty, starving, underdeveloped, uncivilized information over and over again and see the same images over and over again of Africa – which I guess is imprinted into their minds -- they start to believe it even if their subconscious knows that it is not true or maybe I am giving them too much credit – is the same way people from different countries in Africa see Europe and North America as somewhere that the streets are lined with beautiful houses, well organized, and everybody lives just as it is seen in the movies over and over again – with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life.

Just think how the power of information and virtual images is amazing, but you would think that with all the new technology especially one called the “internet” that the perception would have somewhat changed. Wishful thinking I guess – people surprise me when they attempt to educate their peers about Africa – but only discuss the negative and not even mention the culture, the contribution Africans have made to mankind, the beautiful arts and crafts, the poets, the different countries, languages, the food (hmmm! hmmm!) and so on.

So my educated Africans and non-Africans when you come across someone or some people with such belief, kindly educate them that no country is perfect and every single country in the world as the bad, the good, and the ugly.

Article by DoctorBlog

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