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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Africa is not a "Country"

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I got thinking the other day while watching some talks on (Brilliant! I must say!) -- About how many people in the world tend to associate Africa as a country. I might even blame myself for not educating or pointing it out to people when they classify Africa as such, since it is easier to let it slide because I believe if I say Uganda or Zimbabwe or Nigeria -- they might be stunned and look at me as if I am speaking a foreign language.

So therefore, I am taking it upon myself to change such perception by educating and informing people that Africa is not just a country but one with 51 countries (by the way I am now counting South Sudan as it is the newest country in Africa).

These countries consist of different cultures, ethnic groups, languages, beliefs, and so forth – would it be right for me to say Europe is a country while ignoring the fact that Great Britain, France, Germany are all different countries in “Europe” or that the British, the French, and the Germans are all the same people with one culture. I am sure if I am to make such oversight there would be quite a number of people that would be more than willing to correct my lack of knowledge.

It is sad that people have succumbed to such belief of Africa! Are people that uninformed to belief in the actual facts when it comes to Africa -- Is it simply a culture of nothing good comes out of Africa -- Is it easier to continue the same story of Africa as it had been written in literature from millennia that Africa is the same -- one people of poverty, famine, uncivilized, underdeveloped, uneducated and so on...

Please do understand that Africa is more than what you see on televisions or read in the magazines, or hear from the media. I also believe that the blame can go around because Africans have not tried to change that perception and educate people that Africa is not a country and that there are difference countries (South Africa, Kenya, Togo) and people (South Africans, Kenyans, Togolese) – people with different backgrounds and beliefs just as there are Italians, Norwegians, Greeks and so forth in Europe...

So please when we (Africans or non-Africans) come across someone or some people with such belief, kindly educate them about the diversity of Africa and the different countries in Africa.

Africa is not a country but a "Continent"

Article by DoctorBlog

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