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Monday, August 01, 2011

Sino-Africa Relationship – The Oliver Twist Saga

We wonder why Africa remains stagnant in its development…We wonder if our leaders will one day wake up and see that Africa always comes up short when it comes to these relationships with countries not on the African continent, who sugar coat their ambitions of trying to help Africa but who are usually only concerned with their own well-being. Africa needs to evaluate who she considers to be her true friends and who has her best interests at heart. I have come to realize that we as a people always give other countries the benefit of a doubt and welcome everyone with open hands. Sometimes we, the people of Africa, need to evaluate our hospitality even when our leaders are so blind to see the writing on the wall.

China’s new found love for our continent is so disheartening because our continent is so gullible to except every single donation given to us by foreigners. I wonder why we become so blind…maybe its due to the promise of financial resources, our gluttonous leaders, or maybe its due to the fact that we feel that we can make everyone our friends. It is known all over the world that you have to be careful who you let into your home, because you never know where your generosity and hospitality may lead. How can China build a relationship with Sudan with the situation in Darfur? Do they not have any moral conscience? Does she not feel that the situation in Darfur warrants the notion that doing business in such adversity will only allow the donated resources getting in the wrong hands. O…wait how can I forget how she [China] is known to have the worst human rights conditions in the world, yet I expect her [China] to have morals. How silly of me.

Can Africa not see that we have welcomed into our home someone who has no concern for our [Africans] interests? She [Africa] needs to know that China will use her for all the natural resources she can provide, after which China will toss her [Africa] when China is well and good, so satisfied that she [Africa] will be yesterdays news. It has already begun with China’s sugar coated win – win disillusion with the Democratic Republic of Congo, which I believe to be the exploitation of DRC’s mines for natural resources.

So Africa if you are listening to me take pride in yourself…realize that charity begins at home, or are we [Africans] so needy that we cannot enter into relationships that will benefit us? Why do we think the relationship with China would be different from previous relationships with other foreign partners? If she [China] were so helpful why would she [China] not transfer any of her skills to Africans? Why would she not want us to be able to sustain the infrastructures or whatever she [China] promises to do? Does she [China] want us to continue our Oliver Twist ideology as we have done for decades?

Therefore, my African brothers and sisters…it is left for us to act, as our voracious leaders are only interested in satisfying their own self-interests and not that of the people they lead. We have to end the Oliver Twist mentality and take action, and our destiny, into our own hands by negotiating relationships and agreements that would benefit us as a people.

Article by DoctorBlog

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