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African Development by Africans is designed to bring together Africans and non-Africans worldwide to address the socio-economic challenges facing African countries.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to limit the marginalization of Africa in the global economy and to help create strong and stable economies in African countries, thereby improving the conditions in and lives of Africa and its inhabitants.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to connect trained professionals with specific developmental programs/organizations in Africa. To that end, we ask that Africans living abroad, as well as non-Africans, who are willing to consult with or volunteer some of their time join our database. We will then use the database to help organizations like NEPAD (New Partnership for African Development) to connect with knowledgeable African professionals to help develop Africa.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • We aim to build capacity in developmental programs by creating a pool of African and non-African professionals who will consult with such programs.
  • We aim to involve especially professional Africans who have left the continent to pursue education and careers in the developmental processes in Africa.
  • We also aim to include friends and supporters of Africa in developmental activities.
  • We aim to provide organizations, such as NEPAD, with names of professionals who are available to help with implementing developmental programs.

Who we are

We are Africans and friends of Africa. Many of us Africans have left the continent to pursue educational and career opportunities abroad. We recognize that many efforts are in place to improve development and basic living standards in African countries. Furthermore, we understand that the main obstacle to fulfilling these efforts is the lack of capacity-building, meaning that there are not enough knowledgeable and skilled professionals available to implement programs and services. Therefore, we are strive to connect African professionals abroad who are willing to consult with specific programs in African countries to aid in development.

Where we work

Our goal is to allow knowledgeable professionals to consult and possibly travel (if need be) to help developmental organizations on the African continent. Depending on the programs and funding available, professionals may work from their homes, or they may travel to Africa for brief periods of time.

How To Become Involved

You can become part of this exciting program by joining (for free) our database of African and non-African professionals, who want to make a difference in the economic, social, and political status of Africa.

We ask you to join this database, so that NEPAD and other developmental programmes can consult with both African and non-African professionals to help with the development of Africa. NEPAD is a new framework that we as Africans have to embrace and make our own in order to improve our continent's place on the world stage.

Please note that your information will remain in our secure database until programs and organizations contact us seeking professional support. When such programs contact us, we will query our database to find the most suitable candidates for those programs, and then we will contact those professionals to inform them of the consulting opportunities.

"It is time we put African development into the hands of Africans themselves."

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